Mailing list

to join the mail list.

We're very glad that you're interested in the Hilltop Reservation.

The Hilltop Conservancy, which acts as steward to the Hilltop Reservation, is using an email list as our primary means of communication with Members and Friends.

When you join the email list, you will receive a couple of email messages per month letting you know what's going on with the Hilltop. Typically, we send a summary and a link to the webpage containing full details, which respects the size of your email inbox.

Types of mailing list emails:

  • Upcoming Monthly Group Meetings
  • Upcoming Hilltop Events
  • Summaries of Past Events/Meetings
BUT NO SPAM and your email address is NOT revealed in messages.

You can also communicate to the members by sending an email to Since this is a moderated list, before an email is distributed to the subscribers, one of the moderators approves it. This prevents unscrupulous persons and automated programs from misusing this list.

Won't you join the email list and stay in the Hilltop loop?

If you have questions, about this email list, or the conservancy, please feel free to contact to me at

Thanks for your continued interest.

to join the mail list.

Joining the Hilltop Conservancy is NOT required to be a member of the mail list,
however should you choose to join, click HERE for a membership application.