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Thu Sep 1 19:02:32 EDT 2005

2nd Mt Div trail folks:

There were questions about trail status, and some of you did not receive the 
marked-up map.

This is my take on trail status.   For more reliable and up-to-date info, 
you might contact Geordie or Pat.   Or better still, take a hike and check 
out the trails for yourself.

Note that the attached maps are approximate and subject to change.


Old Hilltop Trail (OHT) [white diamond blaze]. This is the major north-south 
trail.  Verona Community Center to Doctor's Row.  In place.   Needs general 
work.   First priority: south end along berm behind ball field fence. 
Contractor may deny access at proposed cul-de-sac at north east boundary 
[Doctor's Row/Road A] during construction.   We should ask that denial of 
use be minimized.

White Rock Trail [white tetrahedron blaze]. Partially blazed from OHT to 
Prisoner's Pond and White Rock.  Under construction from White Rock to to 
water tank.   Planned to extend to North Caldwell field.

Arrow Trail [white arrow blaze].   Completed on switchback road joining OHT 
to Lenape Trail near Verona HS.

Second Mountain Trail [white two-peak blaze]. Complete from parking area 
near Fairview Avenue to OHT.   Also accessible from Well # 9.

Coyote Connector [white two-peak blaze]. Joins White Rock Trail to Arrow 
Trail.  Planned.

Fox Trail [white triangle blaze].  Partially completed from north end of OHT 
to mid OHT.   Planned from mid OHT to Verona/Cedar Grove boundary at 
Fairview Avenue.

Watchung Connector [white two-peak blaze].  Planned from pump house on north 
boundary of Hilltop to Fox Trail.   [not shown].

Lenape Trail. [rectangular yellow blaze]. Northbound from Arrow Trail: 
follows abandoned railbed through Cedar Grove, Mills Reservation, and 
beyond.   Southbound from Arrow Trail: through Verona Park and beyond. 
About 30 miles of the main trail are complete along with several miles of 
side trails.  The Lenape Trail is part of the partially-completed 
Liberty-Water Gap trail that will cross the State.    Thus, our Hilltop 
Reservation trails are connected to the statewide trail network.


Charles E Wilson
19 Highview Terrace
Cedar Grove NJ 07009-1505
engineercharlie at optonline.net

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