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Dear Members and Friends:

*	One of our key executives has an ongoing relationship with a local
Bike Store Owner.
*	The Bike store owner represents the dying small business owner in
our local community and should be supported.
*	He is a Bike Racing advocate and organizer and would like to hold a
biking race event on the Hilltop.
*	While I am aware that opening the Hilltop to bikes could cause some
to object, and there may be a rare, awkward, surprising meeting between a
polite hiker and careless biker on a trail, we must also look at the bigger
*	This biking group is an active outdoors group that wants to hold a
limited time event on the Hilltop.  This event can bring both publicity and
additional support for the Hilltop, and we need that.  We need to appeal to
as wide a cross-section of the public as we can so that we can develop a
critical mass that will help spur necessary public support needed to help
restore Hilltop to a more pristine state and establish it as a true Nature
*	I think that rules of bike use on Hilltop need to be debated within
our group, but for now, the executive committee and I am in support of this
first Fall Bike event on Hilltop and I hope to win your support for it too.

We can discuss at the next Hilltop Conservancy meeting on Wednesday,
9/28/2005 at the Verona Boat House beginning at 7:30 pm.  Or, you can reply
to this thread at Allmembers at hilltopconservancy.org

Ken Bogert, President
mailto:president at hilltopconservancy.org
973-634-5737 cell
973-364-0371 home

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