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It is important that the Hilltop be protected from misuse.   ATV's are 
clearly incompatible with any legitimate use of the Hilltop.

Bicycles are another story.   There are paved roads and other improved, but 
unpaved roads on the Hilltop.   We have already encouraged bicycle riding on 
those roads.   There are convenient access points in North Caldwell and on 
Fairview Avenue near the Verona-Cedar Grove border.

Some residents of our communities have the good fortune live within a few 
minutes walk of one of the Hilltop access points.    Almost all of the 
residents of the towns surrounding the Hilltop can reach the reservation by 
bicycle.   Bicycles are a healthy and environmentally-friendly mode of 

It would probably be best to restrict bicycles to woods roads and roads with 
hard pavement.   The following trails are not suitable for bicycles over 
most of their lengths:

    Old Hilltop Trail

    White Rock Trail

    Second Mountain Trail

    Fox Trail

    Watchung Connector.

The Lenape Trail follows the West Essex Bikeway [an abandoned railbed] 
through Cedar Grove and Verona.  The railbed is suitable for wide-tire 
bicycles. The railbed was purchased by the county as a multiple-use trail 
for hiking, bicycling, cross-country skiing and other non-motorized use. 
The Arrow Trail connects the Hilltop trail system to the Lenape Trail.


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> Dear Members and Friends:
> * One of our key executives has an ongoing relationship with a local
> Bike Store Owner.
> * The Bike store owner represents the dying small business owner in
> our local community and should be supported.
> * He is a Bike Racing advocate and organizer and would like to hold a
> biking race event on the Hilltop.
> * While I am aware that opening the Hilltop to bikes could cause some
> to object, and there may be a rare, awkward, surprising meeting between a
> polite hiker and careless biker on a trail, we must also look at the 
> bigger
> picture.
> * This biking group is an active outdoors group that wants to hold a
> limited time event on the Hilltop.  This event can bring both publicity 
> and
> additional support for the Hilltop, and we need that.  We need to appeal 
> to
> as wide a cross-section of the public as we can so that we can develop a
> critical mass that will help spur necessary public support needed to help
> restore Hilltop to a more pristine state and establish it as a true Nature
> Preserve.
> * I think that rules of bike use on Hilltop need to be debated within
> our group, but for now, the executive committee and I am in support of 
> this
> first Fall Bike event on Hilltop and I hope to win your support for it 
> too.
> We can discuss at the next Hilltop Conservancy meeting on Wednesday,
> 9/28/2005 at the Verona Boat House beginning at 7:30 pm.  Or, you can 
> reply
> to this thread at Allmembers at hilltopconservancy.org
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