Hilltop Conservancy: membership dues are due!

Theresa Trapp theresa_trapp at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 5 13:40:47 MST 2012

Hello Hilltoppers:  can you believe this weather?  And to think that at this time last year, we were wondering if the snow would EVER go away ..... 

Thank you for your past support of the Hilltop Reservation, and of the Conservancy.  As you saw from our recent allmembers note, we were able to accomplish many good things in 2011, which we couldn't have done without you.

And the work continues -- a re-cap of our plans for 2012 is below.  To help us continue this great work, we need both your continued support and your membership dues.  Over 90% of our funding comes from membership dues -- local residents and volunteers like yourselves provide the financial resources for us to conduct events and projects in the Hilltop, including:  clean-ups, nature hikes / rides, trail maintenance, signage installation and wildlife habitat restoration.

Amounts for 2012 dues are as follows:
-- single membership:  $20
-- family membership:  $35

Please make your check payable to to "Hilltop Conservancy" and mail it to the address below:

Hilltop Conservancy, Inc.
c/o Theresa Trapp, Treasurer
34 Depot Street
Verona, NJ  07044

Your continued support is GREATLY appreciated, and will allow us to continue our all-volunteer efforts to enjoy, care for and improve the Hilltop Reservation.  Thank you!!     TMT


Planned Conservancy Activities -- 2012

	* 9th annual spring clean-up
	* Interpretive signage installation
	* Family bike hike event
	* Meadow restoration (weeding and wildflower planting)

	* Western route improvements (per Green Acres grant)
	* Trail maintenance event(s)
	* Grasshopper / kids-only bike event
	* Woodland restoration project (kick-off)

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