Hilltop Conservancy: need your assistance, butterfly / moth sightings?

Theresa Trapp theresa_trapp at yahoo.com
Sun May 5 06:19:48 MDT 2013

Hello again Hilltoppers:
The Conservancy is completing an Ecological Assessment of the Reservation this year -- this includes a review of the various habitat types and their condition, as well as what species are found on the Hilltop.  We already have a pretty good birding checklist, and I'm now trying to build a butterfly / moth listing.
I have some historical observations, and have been augmenting them with reports from citizen scientists like yourselves.  Deirdre spotted lots of hummingbird moths visiting the meadow's beebalm last year, and I saw falcate orangetips in the nearby woods while picking up trash -- both of these were nice additions to the listing.  If you're taking a walk and spot something fluttering in the greenery, take a closer look and let me know what you see?  I don't require a picture, but if you have your cellphone handy, a quick snapshot wouldn't hurt.  You can e-mail or even text me at the number below.
With your help, we can build a pretty decent butterfly / moth listing for the Hilltop.  Thank you!     TMT
theresa_trapp at yahoo.com
973 289-0619 (c)

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